Puppy walking & care in Braintree and surrounding areas

Getting a puppy is an exciting time!

You have welcomed home your new bundle of joy but need some help walking your puppy as you work?

Once your puppy has been fully vaccinated (your vet will advise on when this will be) your puppy will be safe to be walked. Until this time I can offer a puppy sitting home service, where your puppy receives playtime, toileting, feeding, cuddling and company. These are 30-60 minutes long and are vital to ensure your puppy is never left longer than 3/4 hours alone.

Your puppy will have lots of energy but, particularly for giant breeds, walks are kept to 30 minutes to start with and gradually become increased depending on your puppy’s requirements.

The first walking experiences are vital for your puppy and their confidence and socialisation. I am happy to follow any trainer instructions and / or can provide basic lead control work and obedience.

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Puppy Walker Braintree

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